Why we're here


Conquer Your War was established January 2018 due to the complexity of the founder, U.S. Army

SSG Retired James L. Meegan III's combat related injuries and exposures to Chemical agents in Iraq. The medical complications that are considered to be presumptive to exposures related to blister agents, nerve agents, and Anthrax inoculations have medically affected his biological children.

Veterans cannot be expected to achieve success if they aren't provided with the necessary materials

from which to start. Our organization is dedicated to researching health and financial benefits

associated with Gulf War Illness and Gulf War Exposures, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Post Traumatic

Stress Disorder. All while encouraging the use of professional and accredited organizations to assist in claims and benefits.  We will relentlessly seek answers for unexplained illnesses and injuries associated with the treated presumptive conditions.

Conquer Your War strives to spread the wealth of knowledge to our communities in hopes of reducing

the suicide statistic that cripples our Nation's strongest individuals. We work to neutralize the Post

Traumatic Stress Disorder stigma that our soldiers and veterans experience daily. Our wars should not

be lost returning to the green grass these men and women desperately sought for as they fought for our