Our Motivation

 The founders' family has created a lineage of military service members who have preserved the great freedoms of our Nation.  Great Grandfather PVT Frank Zammarelli (1894-1938) earned his citizenship from Italy while serving as a barber in the United States Army.  PVT Zammaerlli earned his barber certificate and opened a small town barber shop in Connelsville, PA.  Frank passed on May 26, 1938 at the VA Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. 

The Irish side of the family, "The Meegan's", have also inherited a lineage of military service members.  Great Grandfather Lawrence Meegan (1900-1967)  raised two sons and a daughter.  His brother Philip Meegan (1893-1962) served with Battery C. 16th Field Artillery in World War 1.  Both sons, James Meegan Sr. (1936-2007)  and John "Mac" Meegan Sr. (1938-2017) served in the United States Army.  James was a tanker in Germany and John served as a reservist and is the former owner of Meegan Ford, Inc.

Lawrence's daughter, Joanne Charles Meegan (Mertz), spent her life providing education to the youth and dedicating herself to her husband, Charles Mertz.  Charles has committed the majority of his life serving the country.  He retired from the Air force and spent many years as NASA's safety division director.  His credentials extend to assisting in the opening of FBI agencies within West Virginia, to teaching in California.

Great Uncle Joseph Cortese Sr. (1925-2001) was captured and held as a prisoner of war during the invasion of Normandy in WWII.  His son Joseph Cortese Jr. served in Vietnam.  

Uncle Butch "Taps" Lauffer served in Vietnam.  

And then there's Sean Ross, a Global War on Terrorism  Arabic linguist.  Sean spent 8 years

in the U.S. Army and is now a heart perfusion technologist and the co-founder of Conquer YOUR War.

"The men from whom I have had the privilege to follow and learn from make my experiences seem mute.  I walk in the shadows of giants.  My credentials extend to 4 and a half years of my life training for war.  Another 2 years spent serving at war in Iraq.  I have conducted over 350 combat patrols, 100 combined combat patrols with foreign allies and nearly 3,200 hours training American War Tactics to host allied nations.  I have witnessed the loss of life in war.  Both enemy and ally.  Young and elderly.  I have and still mourn the loss of a loving son.  The loss of a father who never met his newborn daughter.  I've laid to rest the men I have lost.  I swore an oath to these men to protect their heritage and their families.  My lineage is terminated due to the extent of my exposure."  

                                                                                                                                                        ~James Meegan